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Hotel | Accomodation

Looking for cheap, comfortable and central accommodation solutions?

Look no further! We have exactly what you need. Our accommodation is perfect for those looking for an affordable and convenient stay, without sacrificing a central location. The best solutions in Aveiro.

Beach | Surf | Nature

The sea, sun and sand make the perfect combination for an experience not to be missed on your visit to Aveiro.

The beach is a perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities such as surfing and exploring nature. With its beautiful landscapes and sunny climate, Aveiro offers beaches with a relaxing and invigorating atmosphere. The waves suitable for surfing attract surfers from all over the world, providing an exciting and challenging experience. In addition, the lush nature around the beach offers the opportunity to go hiking, birdwatching and enjoy the local flora and fauna.

gray concrete wall inside building
gray concrete wall inside building
Restaurants | Traditional food & Gourmet

Do you already know where to eat in the city or region of Aveiro?

Aveiro offers unique experiences in the pleasure of savouring traditional Portuguese food. With a variety of options, you can enjoy authentic dishes made with fresh ingredients from the Aveiro area. You can also opt for more classic cuisine, where talented and experienced chefs ensure that each dish is prepared with care and passion, respecting traditional recipes handed down through the generations. From classic dishes to regional delicacies, Aveiro is the perfect place to immerse yourself in traditional cuisine and discover new flavours.

Activities | Experiences

Do you have a visit plan? Do you really know what not to miss?

We'll help you...

Museum | Culture & Traditions

Find out about Aveiro's museums, contacts and direct links to keep up to date with all the exhibitions...

Museums are spaces that preserve the culture and religious tradition of a people. Aveiro is no exception. Through these spaces, you can get to know and better understand the identity of the people of Aveiro, their beliefs and customs. Not to be missed...

Events | Cultural activities

Everything that's happening in Aveiro, in good time. Prepare your visit to Aveiro with all the necessary and useful information.

If you're looking for an entertainment option, this is a great choice. Aveiro has a packed agenda with various performances by local artists and live bands in different parts of the city. From pop music to rock, there will be something for everyone. Don't miss the chance to enjoy a night full of rhythm and fun.